Highlighted animals needing homes

These are some highlighted animals waiting at the shelter for someone to take them home and love them!

When you come to visit, many adult animals may not act like they would in a normal home environment, not showing well in the cage or kennel..  That cat no longer has a whole house or apartment to roam, doesn’t understand what has happened and may be depressed.  That dog no longer has a yard of kids to play with, his pack is missing and two walks a day aren’t enough to work off his energy.  The shelter staff work with the animals every day and can tell you about their real dispositions.  Please check out some of our friends below. Come in to see them and the others and don’t pass these adults by just because they aren’t an adorable (and needy) puppy or kitten.  Just think, the dogs are usually already housebroken!.  If you are thinking of adopting, give a thought to some of the less obvious choices which might be that perfect and wonderful addition to your family. 


Available for adoption or transfer to authorized rescue groups. HSH #02021. This is Molly. Adult female Staffordshire-Pittie mix. Brindle w/white. Weighs about 50-55 lbs. Very strong and moderately energetic. Molly will require some basic manners training soon after she is transferred or adopted. Appears to be good with other dogs her size. Molly does not show well in her kennel due to the stress of the shelter environment. Molly was tested recently as heartworm positive, thus we would like to hear from interested rescue groups for possible transfer. Videos of her with other dogs are available on request.

HSH #02292. Featuring Haki. Adult female Boxer-Beagle mix. Brown w/white. 3-4 years old. Weighs about 55 lbs. Current rabies vaccination. Heartworm negative. Well-behaved after becoming comfortable in a new environment. Moderately active. Haki will need some help and patience with becoming fully housebroken. Because of some weak socialization skills, Haki will most likely need to be the only dog in the household.

HSH #01879. Featuring Bigfoot. Adult male Pit Bull Terrier mix. Black w/white. Estimated to be 1 to 2 years old. Active and energetic. Good with other dogs his size. Bigfoot arrived at HSH with an enlarged rear foot/paw that several veterinarians have been unable to diagnose. Bigfoot is not in any pain, does not limp, nor does he favor the rear leg whatsoever. In fact, he loves to run and exercise when given the opportunity. He can keep up with any other dog his size when it comes to playtime. Bigfoot arrived at HSH after he was abandoned at a local animal clinic.

HSH #01894. Introducing Maggie. Adult female terrier-mix. White w/brindle. Possibly spayed. Heartworm negative. Microchip. Weighs about 55 lbs. Moderately energetic. Maggie has been at HSH since November and would really like a home of her own where she could get all of the love and attention that she deserves. It would be best if this girl could find a new home that is feline-free. Arrived at HSH after being abandoned at a local animal clinic.

HSH #02280. This is Peanut. Adult male Beagle-Terrier mix. Tan. 3 years old. Weighs about 20-25 lbs. Housebroken. Current rabies vaccination. Peanut will require more time than usual to adjust to a home due to his fears of new environments. A commitment to some professional behavior conditioning would benefit him greatly. As of now, Peanut will need to be the only dog in the household.




Sheba HSH #01652 is an adult Domestic Shorthair tiger cat. She was dumped on the side of our building with a note and her name. Sheba has been at our shelter since October and would really like to find her forever home.


HSH #01901. Introducing Stella. Young adult female Labrador Retriever mix. Black w/white. Weighs about 50 lbs. Heartworm negative. Housebroken. Good with children. Energetic and active. Due to her running and jumping abilities, Stella will require a tall, secure fenced yard in her new home. Stella has been at HSH since November and is desperately looking for her new forever home!


We received this update from Cindy on her recently adopted pup:
“The top picture is our new addition “Levi” (in the middle) that we adopted back in February. Levi is adjusting well with our family. He has come a long way in a short time. He is still a work in progress. I am a dog trainer and I work with him all of the time he seems to be very smart and learns quickly! I see improvements in him every day! He loves to snuggle and he thinks he’s a lap dog. We wouldn’t have it any other way!!”