Highlighted animals needing homes

These are some highlighted animals waiting at the shelter for someone to take them home and love them!

When you come to visit, many adult animals may not act like they would in a normal home environment, not showing well in the cage or kennel..  That cat no longer has a whole house or apartment to roam, doesn’t understand what has happened and may be depressed.  That dog no longer has a yard of kids to play with, his pack is missing and two walks a day aren’t enough to work off his energy.  The shelter staff work with the animals every day and can tell you about their real dispositions.  Please check out some of our friends below. Come in to see them and the others and don’t pass these adults by just because they aren’t an adorable (and needy) puppy or kitten.  Just think, the dogs are usually already housebroken!.  If you are thinking of adopting, give a thought to some of the less obvious choices which might be that perfect and wonderful addition to your family. 


Available for adoption. Featuring Keller. Adult male Shepherd-Husky mix. White w/blue eyes. Weighs about 70 lbs. Housebroken. Friendly and socialized. Moderately active. Keller is deaf and will require a new home with experienced pet parent(s) to help him successfully adapt to a new home environment and who can commit to working with him regularly. Keller has been at HSH since September, 2016, but still has hope that there is just the right household out there waiting to help him with the next chapter of his life.

Available for adoption. HSH #00464. Introducing Astro. Adult male Husky mix. Black w/cream. Neutered. Six years old. Well-behaved. Responsive to basic commands. Good with children. Likes car rides. Due to separation anxiety, Astro will require a new home where he will not be left alone for long periods on a regular basis. New pet parent(s) for Astro would likely benefit from consulting with an experienced professional in canine behavior so that he may adjust easier to his new home.







After nearly 2 months here, special needs Muffin and her house sister Fantine went home TOGETHER with Miss Lisa on November 19th!  We are delighted that they can be together with someone who will love and care for them.  We hope you and your children and the girls will be a whole new happy family.





We received this update from Cindy on her recently adopted pup:
“The top picture is our new addition “Levi” (in the middle) that we adopted back in February. Levi is adjusting well with our family. He has come a long way in a short time. He is still a work in progress. I am a dog trainer and I work with him all of the time he seems to be very smart and learns quickly! I see improvements in him every day! He loves to snuggle and he thinks he’s a lap dog. We wouldn’t have it any other way!!”





ANOTHER HAPPY ENDING!  Ralph had been at the shelter since March.  He didn’t want too much activity….walk, do his duty and head back in to relax…EXACTLY what his new owner wanted!  Best wishes to Ralphie and his new master who went home together the weekend of 10/30!