There are many ways you can help by donating your time.  All you may need is the willingness to help and a loving heart.

  • Walk / exercise dogs
  • Play with cats
  • Pet rabbits & guinea pigs
  • Fold newspapers for kennels and cages.
  • Perform minor maintenance projects (basic household or DIY skills helpful).

If you have more specialized skills, there are additional ways you can help!

  • Do you have the knowledge, patience and stamina to deal with a pregnant animal that will give birth, or with raising very small orphaned puppies and kittens?  Apply to become a foster!
  • Are you a skilled craftsman or perhaps just a talented homeowner that can help with shelter maintenance or landscaping?  Are you a mason, a plumber, a carpenter, electrician or experienced in drywall or general construction?  Give us a call and we can put you to work!

Do you know how to apply 2-part epoxy resin paints (specifically Sherwin Williams Kem Cati-Coat HS Epoxy filler sealer and Macropoxy 646-100 Fast Cure Epoxy) ?  If so and you would like to help us finish our new quarantine area, email Chris at chrishsh@frontier.com!  Don’t forget to include your contact info.