HSH Alumni

Candace updated us on their family member, Rizzo, who joined them last year after being adopted from HSH:
“Hello! Last November my husband and I adopted our kitty, Rizzo when he was about 10 weeks old. When we came in, he was pretty much the only cat who showed zero interest in being held or petted. He only wanted to sleep! Not long after he moved in with us, he started to develop the most sweet and hilarious personality. He is super cuddly and always has to be around us. He never bites or scratches and is quite the talker! He even waits by the door for us when we get home. His favorite things are lying by the fireplace, helping mama cook (aka playing with veggies) looking at birds outside and playing with q-tips. And he LOVES to eat spinach! He’s a weirdo lol “

Allison:  “Just wanted to give you a little update on the little beagle puppy Bane you had a up for adoption awhile ago now known as Beans. We adopted Beans a few months ago and he turned out to be a sick little guy. Poor fella had 2 intestinal parasites. Thanks to the help of the wonderful veterinarians and techs at Arborview he was able to get on the road to recovery. In a few short months Beans has packed on some serious poundage and his timid personality has changed… SO much. He is so curious and adores his older brother Bodie. Thanks so much for our new furry family member, he fits right in.”


Clifford was at HSH for a very long time waiting to be adopted in.
Kathy says:  ” Cliff update! It has been 3 months since we adopted Clifford from the Humane Society of Hobart. This handsome boy recently got a membership to the Dyer Dog Park and loves to fetch tennis balls (he seems to never get tired). He has also become the 70-lb lap dog, as he is currently cuddled up next to me. This is my 2nd shelter dog, and I couldn’t imagine getting a dog from anywhere else. These dogs have so much love to give! Thanks Humane Society of Hobart!”

Seamus and Chelsea.Seamus was adopted from HSH as an 8 week old puppy from HSH in late 2014. Chelsea was adopted from HSH in a year or two earlier.  From their new ownder, Glen:
” Here is an updated picture of 2 of your alumni! The smaller one is Chelsea, she just turned 4. The bigger one is Seamus, and he is still a pup at 9 months. They play very well with each other. Thanks again!”

Kammie recently updated us on their HSH-adopted Dobby: “People always say how he still looks like a pup! He’s spoiled and has a great life, to say the least, he cries if we pass Starbucks and don’t stop to get his pup cup!”

 Lisa sent us this update and photos of their HSH-alumni furkid: “We got Sadie Mae December 2015. She had anxiety and we had to hire a professional dog trainer to manage her symptoms. She is now a happy doggy, and a huge blessing to our family!”

Another Happily Ever After story from a recent adopter!

“We adopted our Lana back in January from you, and she is loving life! So glad we were able to find her at your shelter!!!”

We received this update from Cindy on her recently adopted pup:
“The top picture is our new addition “Levi” (in the middle) that we adopted back in February. Levi is adjusting well with our family. He has come a long way in a short time. He is still a work in progress. I am a dog trainer and I work with him all of the time he seems to be very smart and learns quickly! I see improvements in him every day! He loves to snuggle and he thinks he’s a lap dog. We wouldn’t have it any other way!!”